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    Hello to you,

    I welcome you to my website.

    If you would want, and feel the need, to travel through my website to discover many things that are "out of the ordinary"; I will be happy to accompany you and guide you in this "other" dimension.

    The world we live in today can be approached in 3 ways as a person:

    -       Those who will do everything to stay in his/her comfort zone that belongs to yesterday...

    -    Those who live through daily anxieties, and who will do everything to lock him/herself up, using an ostrich strategy…

    -    Those who, even if at times, he/she feels lost and devoid of any solution; “feels” the NEED in his/her core to move forward – the unknown – and to open up to new dimensions...

    I have made the decision in my life to accompany people who want to discover new dimensions. This means, accompanying them at first, to make them see "the same things differently".

    In a second step, for those who want that: to accompany and guide them to see "brand new things", SEE beyond the eyes...


    It is not because it doesn't exist in your perception of reality that it doesn't exist!

     My work

    with horses.

    Working with horses is something exceptional!

    When I have the pleasure of working with them, I navigate in a divine dimension. This big, powerful, and noble animal gives humans a great opportunity to discover themselves.

    My Quantum Painting

    My quantum painting is a free and unlimited expressive art that I created some time ago. The reason why I created this form of painting is to offer to those who would wish this - through a painting brush, paint, and a canvas - the crystallization of a "quantum" energy that becomes visible on a canvas.

    The quantum paintings that I create also always have two displays. The first display is that they offer to the human being the possibility to view and admire the paintings in daylight through their eyes. The second display is that these same paintings, once they welcome the black light, show themselves from a whole other angle and invite the observer to immerse themselves in a magical universe...


    Quantum paintings

    Fushigina Choowa 

    Marc NOËL

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