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A while ago, a woman came to my practice as a patient and with very specific requests.

This woman was Annick Deltenre, a woman looking for a lot of answers - answers that she hoped to find from me in my practice.

I could immediately recognize the enormous potential that she had in her on different levels.

This included the fact that she was an artist-painter who mastered the technique and the perfection of creating paintings ... but ...

          She had already created so many paintings through her knowledge and skill of the technique,

but I saw in her paintings a great resistance towards free expression ...

I offered to accompany her and to facilitate her success in developing her art to a level she was not even aware of at that time.

We began a work in depth at a therapeutic level, to the deepest depths of her roots ...

there where the first writings had been made, and which had had a lifetime to mature, create and manifest in the woman who she was at that time.

With a great shyness and a certain resistance,

she dared to take the first steps to free herself

little by little

from the mastery of a perfect technique;

and, through a painting on a canvas,

lay down the manifestation that she was on a path of discovery ...

It was really a pleasure to see her evolve in her paintings,

and, creation after creation,

to be able to notice that this magnificent potentiality

that I had seen in her from the beginning

was really starting to blossom.

Until the day when I proposed her to embark on a big project of creating the canvas for my company. 

I had shared with her that, if she was going to DARE to take this step - both as an artist-painter and as an individual - that her life would fundamentally change for the better.

She accepted.

And this project lasted for a few intense months. The different versions of the painting have been designed, corrected, adapted, to finally result in a SUBLIME CREATION that you can admire each time that you connect to my website.

It is through this project that we realized together,

that I taught her to paint in connection with the Source.

This means: to apply one's technique, knowledge and skills through a hand, which is guided by a connection with the Universe.

For Annick, it was something that at times was very disturbing.

But today, through the painting that you see here above,

she finally

achieved to have


with Source

when she paints!

She has created this painting for me, which represents exactly the work that I do,

even though her brain was not entirely aware of what she was creating ...

that's the connection with the Universe.

Today, for me, Annick Deltenre has become an artist-painter who has risen to a level of divine creation.

She now has the ability to create a work of art beyond all technique, beyond all perfection, beyond control.

She now dares to "BE HER PAINTING"!

Through this way, I thank Annick, from the bottom of my heart that she dared to take the step and that she REMAINED TRUE TO HER COMMITMENT.

I am really honored to have been able to be the guide, and to have been able to accompany such a powerful and pure being and artist.

Thank you Annick !

In the upper part of the painting, you see this imminent, present, and powerful black.

This black symbolizes the blackness and obscurity

in which the human race finds itself.

This darkness is created by a brain that takes over the heart.

And which, ultimately, in the long run extinguishes

the inner light in humans.

It is a black that expands at full speed

and consumes all light in its path...

Here you see the divine bird of light

that shatters the darkness

with its great white and powerful wings.

It opens a pathway

to a new dimension.

Here I invite you to look at 2 things:

- first, what is called "THE MATRIX": this represents the perception of reality that humans have about life. It is represented through grids in shades of blue, gray, green ...

- and second, in there, you also see on the right - in green - a shape of a man, of A GIANT, who is "THE GUARDIAN OF THE MATRIX". He falls backwards by the wing stroke, given by the divine bird of light in full power. And through that, he loses control ...

In this part of the painting, you see this abundance of yellow that could be born thanks to THE DISINTEGRATION OF THE MATRIX.

This means that when the control shatters, the individual gives himself the opportunity to be who he really is. And this is represented by the color yellow, which also corresponds to the 3rd chakra and which means: "this is who I am, and this is how I present myself to the world."

In this part you see a multitude of birds flying at different altitudes.

You see, for example, on the far left a bird soaring very high - almost alone - very close to the white bird of light. You also see birds that fly very low, who are very small and at a distance from this bird of light.

These birds, in fact, represent humans – who each at their own level - evolve on their life path and at their own rhythm...

And finally, we see here in the lower left corner, the ultimate objective of this path, of this flight: it is that the bird - "the human" who continues with this dedication and this motivation; finally, will enter the white light and, in turn, will become divine too!

The global meaning of this painting is that the white bird of divine light facilitates the human being to also become a being of light - provided that he frees himself from his matrix of today...


This painting is so powerful to me because Annick Deltenre has succeeded THROUGH HER PAINTING to EXACTLY MAKE VISIBLE THE WORK THAT I DO EVERY DAY TOWARDS LIFE.

Every day, I give myself heart and soul in this earthly incarnation to take on the role of the white bird of divine light and to shake up and disintegrate the "destructive" matrixes for life and to bring and guide all living beings to their full power of who they are - and also to being able to manifest in this full power to finally reach and become the white light - which means the state of enlightenment.I was dazzled when Annick presented to me this painting at the beginning of March 2021. And every day I still am dazzled. Every day, I still feel in all my cells the power of her creation. I am certain that all future creations of Annick Deltenre will be even more and more powerful; and that they will be able to give the opportunity to many people to have a magnificent painting in their life, which will enrich their life through a creation of Annick Deltenre.

It is artists like her who create a legacy for the human of tomorrow...

Once more...

Thank you Annick !