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Good day to you

I say good day to you because, for me, good day means that I am presenting you a “good day”..

So, you who have arrived here, I invite you first to join me in my philosophy of who I am today. And so, it is very important to share this with you today, because I have a VERY DIFFERENT philosophy from the human philosophy that you are used to living. My role, in this earthly incarnation, is to guide and educate human beings and provide the opportunity for humanity to raise its consciousness THROUGH WHO I AM - AND MY KNOWLEDGE - AND MY SKILLS.

So, I will be very clear with you, dear readers, the fact that you are there "IS NOT BY CHANCE". 

But it means that you are ready and that you have the potential to enter this new world.

So, I am warning you already: do not expect to find your conformity here, your everyday “normal”; because this is not what you will find and discover here with me...

If that is what you are looking for, this norm, this standardization, this normal; then I invite you


Because the only thing you are going to encounter then at this moment here is an encounter with your ego's resistance and a struggle against something.

On the other hand, if you "DARE" to disregard your sentences: "yes but I am down to earth" - "I am Cartesian" - "I do not believe in all that";

then I can tell you that you are going to meet a world that you do not know and that you could not even have imagined. BUT where the results and evidence that it exists will be presented to you in your reality!

So, you, dear readers who are present here,


stay or go!

I am really there for those of you who 

REALLY want to be healed and

for those who have made the decision 

to REALLY evolve in life.


For those who have stayed,

I welcome you, 


with a big open heart filled with unconditional love - respect for your free will - and through giving you an awareness of your responsibility towards your choice.

Welcome to this new world !

                                                                                       MARC NOËL - From the bottom of my heart