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I adore coaching!

I adore coaching because, through this tool, I always take immense pleasure in sharing and transmitting my knowledge and skills. I know that through this, I will always enrich my audience and, in turn, they will also enrich their own audience...

This is why I am also very flexible to accept the great diversity of coaching that is asked of me.

Coaching for me = FUN. 

Meetings via ZOOM

I am confident that by now every one of you understands the concept of "Zoom meetings". Especially for me, this tool gives me great flexibility to connect globally. It allows me to connect at any time with places throughout the world, and to continue my missions.

I therefore spend a lot of time in Zoom meetings related to my different projects. And I also accept zoom requests, whether they are therapeutic in nature - coaching - or other requests.

Thus, if you feel the need to have a Zoom meeting with me, please send me your request via text or email, mentioning:

  • The topic

  • The purpose

  • And the urgency

of your request

Questions? Contact Me Today !

Rue Louis Snyers 12

4280 Hannut - BELGIUM

PHONE : + 32 472 61 42 15           

E-MAIL: [email protected]