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Dear readers,

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 9:46am, I have decided to share my vision on the Coronavirus with the whole world.


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What you see, and what you don’t see….

But what is nevertheless there…

You should know that, since March 2020, I have received thousands of times the question: "And you Mr. Noël, what do you think of the Coronavirus?" I responded then in most cases: "I… I am observing…. "

And today, the day has come to share with you, dear readers, MY VISION, MY PERCEPTION.

Do not expect to discover here a view on this topic that is in conformity with what you are used to hearing or reading about the Coronavirus. Because my vision, my perception that I present to you here is VERY DIFFERENT from what you hear through the media, social networks, so-called official sources, your neighbors, your friends, your acquaintances ...that is to say, the man and/or women in the street...

My perception is also VERY DIFFERENT from the conspiracy theories that you have certainly heard of.

Since the coronavirus was officially announced to the world in March 2020, all of humanity has received - and still receives currently - a magnificent opportunity to grow, to change their perceptions of life, to raise their consciousness, to move on to another level of “BEING”.

The rest… is to be discovered soon….