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Ann Arbor



"Marc Noël is an extra-ordinary being"

"Who is Marc Noël? This remains, for my mind, a mystery. To my heart, however, it is crystal clear. Marc Noël is an extra-ordinary being here on a mission, a mission of love, a mission to give humanity an opportunity to remember how to love, to feel the ease and joy of living in Connection with ourselves, with each other, with Life itself.

Marc Noël is someone who brings many tools, which he gives freely, that we may use them to become Alive. He is someone who holds a mirror for us, so that we may see those things in us that have remained hidden, but once seen, are the key to open so many new doors, to so many new daily miracles, to so much new connection and healing. He is someone who is Be-ing and Do-ing things that the science of today does not yet understand. Yet, these are things which we must come to know and understand and use, for humanity to thrive in being Alive.

He is someone who has helped open doors of awareness in me that have changed my life, in so many profound and wonderful ways, in ways that have touched me deeply. Marc Noël is someone who IS that which he is teaching. He Marc Noël is someone I am grateful for.

         He is someone I trust with my life." 









Ann Arbor


"Marc Noël to me is an Amazing BEING"

"Who is Marc Noël?

Marc Noël to me is an Amazing BEING. He looks like a human being, but I am convinced that he is not human; perhaps he is an alien, an entity, divine… my mind is not able to box him into any form that I know of at this time.


Here is what I do know about him. He is All-Loving, loves unconditionally and respects free will of all beings. I know that he at the least an ANGEL that has chosen to uplift humanity. If you are fortunate enough to meet him and have him in your life….your life is guaranteed to transform. He shows you 2 mirrors; one in which you can see your true Self, the beautiful being that you already are and the other mirror to show you how you are showing up right now. He makes you Aware of these two people. And if you desire, and choose, to change from the current you to become the True You, then he will guide you each step of the way, doing whatever it takes to make it a reality for you, as long as you keep choosing to continue, thus respecting your free will every step of the way.


Know that You are always safe with Marc Noël, and yes you will be challenged heavily, to mend or let go of your current ways of thinking and habits. He is the Father of Fathers, he pushes you to be your best, does whatever is needed to accomplish this, AND always has your back, protects and guards you, so that your success is guaranteed as long as you choose to transform and succeed.


He wakes you up, makes you aware, to a greater reality than the one you are able to know right now, and in this process, you are being integrated, healed, since you are being aligned with your own True Self, where all the healing and oneness is present. He connects you to your own power source!


I am eternally grateful for all the guidance, and much more, I have received and continue to receive from Marc Noël. I have tremendously benefited from my work with Marc Noël, and so have all my loved ones, my patients, and everyone I encounter, since with his guidance, I am now allowing ME to show up and be shared with all. I am learning to listen and lead my life with my own beautiful heart.


If you are so very lucky to have the opportunity to meet Marc Noël, immediately TAKE it, you will be forever grateful to yourself that you did…..your life will transform to the life you have always been truly wanting – one filled with Love, Excitement, Joy, and Peace!


My deepest Gratitude to Mr. Marc Noël !!!" 

 Ann Van de







"Who is Marc Noël? Indescribable would be the short answer. A Quantum Magic, Mind-blowing, and Mystical Being, ever changing, impressive beyond all levels of comprehension, with supernatural and alien healing abilities would be the medium-long answer. The long answer is that no words will be able to encompass who Marc Noël is, not only because he is not “lable”-able, but also because in the 20 years and counting since the Universe has provided me the wonderful opportunity to meet Marc Noël, I know that I only can see the tip of the iceberg of who he is. He is soooo much more than my brain can fathom. And yet, one thing I can tell: after meeting Marc Noël, my Life has changed forever and for the Best in ways that I would never have been able to imagine. It exceeds everything. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I have a very strong feeling that Your life will never be the same too.

Marc Noël IS Isness, he IS Unconditional Love,❤️he IS non-judgmental, and he IS the Best Healer I have ever met and the Miracles he realizes on a daily basis are Beyond this world. His healings are healings on ALL levels: physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, conscious, subconscious, unconscious, cell memory, past, present, future, all of it. And to top it all off, he shares his Insights, Knowledge, and Miracles with us in an easy way, a simple way…so that everyone can understand it, whether you are a 7 or 70 years old; no matter what work you do, social environment you are in, language you speak, or race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation you identify with.

If you are 100% committed and ready to take on 100% responsibility for your life, go for it, and be amazed by all the Miracles and “Wonder”-Full things that unfold in your life. Things I have personally experienced and witnessed through others have opened my eyes and mind to things that I did not think were physically possible, healing-wise or otherwise, and this after a thorough education in the medical and rehabilitation field and research. I know I still have much to learn and grow and that is a beautiful journey with Marc Noël by my side… I am eternally grateful that Marc Noël is here on Earth with us and for us, that he is my Best Friend and my Guide on this Life Journey and that I have the honor and privilege to be by his side; and that through his guidance and teaching, I can pay it forward to you, today… and to anybody I encounter on my daily journey.

Meeting Marc Noël is a UNIQUE opportunity… seize it… Your authentic “You” and New Life awaits…" 😊





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"He is an Expert in Everything!"

"Who is Marc Noël?

-       Some people say that he is a MAGICIAN, others say that he is an EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEING…👽

-       Some people call him GUIDE, others call him GURU – or even WHITE GURU (in India, a Guru is someone who guides others through darkness and into the light).

-       Some people refer to him as Makoto (his Japanese name). I personally call him « MON MAGNIFIQUE HOMME EPOUX LOUP » (If I had to translate this, it would be ‘My Wonderful Man Husband Wolf’. However, this does not give or translate at all the energy and vibration that I am putting in these words in French…)

-       Some people call him « Monsieur Soleil » - or « Mister Sunshine», others call him DRUID

-       Some people refer to him as DOCTOR, others as WISE MAN.

-       Some people sees GOD in him…and so do I 😊 When I use the word GOD, what I mean by that is that special, kind, loving, non-judging energy in the Universe. All that is. Because HE IS. He is that high energy, that high frequency, he is present everywhere. He is the Source, he is Spirit. He is all that IS. HE IS ISNESS. So, as you can read, it has nothing to do with religion.

-       People from all over the world, from all paths/walks of life, from all kind of believes, from all religions ; come to meet him. He is open to everyone. He is there for everyone. He is ALWAYS there, even for animals.

-       Others call him NOAH, or simply MISTER NOËL. They are even people who call him « PÈRE NOËL » (which means Santa in French). But unlike Santa, Marc NOËL has no white bear, nor hair... 😂 

-       Some people call him PANO – as for PANORAMIX – others call him MARCO. On the race track, he has received the name of


So, I invite you to see and feel for yourself how you will call Marc NOËL…once you have met him. Because YES, YOU HAVE TO MEET HIM and FEEL his energy in other to understand or to have a glimpse of what I am saying.

But really, after all, WHAT’S IN THE NAME ? 😊

Marc NOËL is a man of words and actions. By that I mean that HE ALWAYS DOES WHAT HE SAYS HE DOES – OR WILL DO. Yes, he ALWAYS WALKS HIS TALKS. HE ALWAYS TEACHES US WHO HE IS, or WHAT HE IS. He always keeps his words.

I said earlier that some people call him « The Italian Schumacher », and yes MARC NOËL IS DRIVEN BY PASSION. Yes, with him everything in life goes FAST…REALLY FAST…So be ready/prepared! 😉 😄 PASSION IS HIS FUEL. And I can tell you that my husband never runs out of energy… Yes, you read it right. He is that infinite source-supply of energy. He never gets tired. He is full power and full energy, ALL THE TIME ! (sometimes I even have to ask him to go to sleep…as he never gets tired 🤪 Although now it’s quite changing as I am always learning with him TO SLEEP FASTER – as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say 😄Now I am able to sleep very few hours like him. However after a few times, I still need a longer night of sleep…for the moment though…I am still learning…) 😉

MARC NOËL IS OUT OF THE NORM, OUT OF THIS WORLD. (However you can always reach him, as in one way or another he is always there). He has NO LIMITS. Even as we earthlings say that « The Sky is The Limit » ; to him the sky is not even the limit ! 

Do you believe in MIRACLES ? Great ! Marc NOËL is the one who can create that WITH YOU ! Yes, I insist here on the fact that he can create MIRACLES WITH YOU, not for you. By that I mean that you will have to take first FULL RESPONSABILITY of your own life. And that’s ok if you don’t exactly know how to do that. Marc NOËL will be there to teach you that, if it is really what you want. As long as you are motivated, as long as you really really want to heal and learn, as long as you are willing to take full responsibility for what you have created in your life, as long as you are daring to step out of your comfort zone and take actions in your life : then yes, he will be there to work with you from heart to heart to make that miracle of yours happen.

How long will it take ? This all depends of YOU ! yes YOU ! As for him time does not exist, it is only a perception that we have… From what I have learned from him, the speed at which you can create a miracle with him depends on all the resistance that you might (or not) have in integrating the full healing process. So again, it’s all up to you ! To him, there is NO LIMITS in what he can do !

However, if you are not willing to take your full responsibility, if you are acting like a victim, if you believe that everything that happens to you is the fault of that or that – of that person, of the society, etc etc…Or if you even believe that it is some kind of « bad luck », etc… Then, just keep on going. Just continue with your life as it is because Marc NOËL does not invest his time and energy anymore with people who do not take their responsibility. It means then that he is not the right person to help you and teach you. And that’s ok. Only be aware that it is A CHOICE that YOU are making. Not him. It is you and only you who decide not opening that door that stands right if front of you. And again, that’s ok. Just know that he is always respecting FREE WILL (even for animals).

If after all that I have already shared with you, you are still eager to learn from him – and if you are eager to create your own miracle with him…then I can assure you that HE IS THE MAN !

Marc NOËL also has MAGIC HANDS as I love to say ! 😊

In his work, he always gives 100% of what he has to offer to you through his own being – all his skills and knowledge. And he takes FULL RESPONSABILTY of the 50% that he is responsible for in creating that MIRACLE that you want so much. But as I have written earlier, you also have to make your part of the work…which means that it is your duty, if only you choose to, to take full responsibility of the remaining 50% (your own 50%). No need to be a « math »person for that, everybody knows that 50% + 50% = 100%. And so, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Because you have chosen to.

Marc NOËL is an expert at showing you THE LIGHT, at wakening that light inside of you, at offering you that light that you so much wished for…He does that for, and with everyone. Like a « lighter », he will give his full power and light to you. He will show that to you, he will also help you light up that candle of yours – if you decide to…But he can not do it for you. So that’s why some people go right away, or even run towards that powerful light. They use him as a « lighter » - as a tool – to light up their own candle. And so, miracles do happen. Others, however, when they see that light, they decide to simply run away. Others might even be frozen by how powerful his light is. They will start saying that « it’s too warm, it’s too bright, it’s too…it’s too… ». And it is also ok. It is a choice that they make. Their candle will still be there inside of them. It’s just that it’ll have no flame, no warmth. And again that’s a choice that people make. Unless one day, they finally decide to start seeing the same things differently… and start shifting their own perception of reality.

As Marc NOËL often says : « It is not seeing different things…it is about seeing THE SAME THINGS DIFFERENTLY. » That is what he also continuously teaches us.

He is an EXPERT at showing us the world through his own eyes.

With him, you will also learn that A TOOL IS ONLY AS POWERFUL AS YOU MAKE IT. So, if you want to use him as a tool in order to grow, to heal, to learn, to stretch your own comfort zone, and if you dare…even step outside of your comfort zone… He can even teach you how to become « comfortable »when things seem not to be comfortable at all. In this case, if it’s what you want, Marc NOËL is and will be that PERFECT TOOL FOR YOU.

Because one can only teach whom he/she is from BEING – not doing, know that Marc NOËL is an EXPERT at teaching you that ; as he has no comfort zone. He is always « comfortable », or at ease in every situation. He always stays calm, he is always faithful to whom he truly is.

Marc NOËL has NO FEARS. IMPOSSIBLE to him does not exist. He does not even use that word, nor the word « problem ». And should he use it, then it means that it is only in order to speak a language that you and your subconscious mind know and understand. So that after, he can guide you even better towards something new to you.

With Marc NOËL, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ! You can also ask him everything that you want, just be aware of what you are asking (or wishing) for…because…with him, wishes DO COME TRUE !

From the very first moment that you meet Marc NOËL, I can assure you that YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN !

So, prepare yourself, be ready, and also be careful of what you are wishing for… 😉


Marc NOËL is straight with everyone. It is very impressive to see everything that he does for everyone. You really have no idea! Day and night, Marc NOËL gives it all! He does what he has to do, NO MATTER WHAT.

Marc NOËL is an EXPERT at seeing “THAT DIAMOND” inside each one of us, even if sometimes it is well hidden.

Marc NOËL is an EXPERT at TEACHING us, at showing us the way to the light, to our own light. With him, we always feel in good hands. With him, we always feel safe.

Marc NOËL is an EXPERT at NON-JUDGING. He has a lot of respect for every being, he always respects FREE WILL, he loves UNCONDITIONNALY.

He also teaches us to ALWAYS see THE OPPORTUNITY that is presented to us in every situation.

He has talent to always place his magical hands where it is needed, even if we don’t say anything. He has talent for choosing the right words at the right time, with the right person, and with the high frequency. He is always present, at every moment. He is everywhere.

Marc NOËL is always true to himself. He is a man of integrity.

He is also an EXPERT in COMMUNICATION. All the words that he uses are chosen very carefully. He is a good listener. He radiates trust. He is an EXPERT at explaining things in a very simple way, and he always makes sure that everybody can understand.

He teaches us that everything in life is a matter of CHOICE, and that even not choosing for something is also a choice in itself. With him everything is FUN! Even in serious matter, he is an expert at transforming things so that they become light.

He is someone who has unconditional faith and love towards LIFE, towards the UNIVERSE.

Seeing him working with horses is also PURE MAGIC ! It is a VERY UNIQUE experience !

Marc NOËL is very humble. He is a PASSIONATE BEING. Being with him is PURE MAGIC !

I could still go on and on with writing about him…there are so many things I could say… !

I am very proud of him ! I am very proud and glad to be his wife and to share this magical life together ! I am very grateful for EVERYTHING

that he does for me, for EVERYTHING that he teaches me, for everything that he does for everyone !

                 THANK YOU SO MUCH 


🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏  

                💝 With all my love 💝


"Embark alongside this Guide."


A life where Magic exists,

Where wishes and dreams flourish,

Where everything is rapidly put into motion,

So that all your actions succeed.



Unconditional love as the single law,

That drives and fills your being,

That only depends on the choices you make,

Devoid of all judgments and fake appearances.