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Who am I ?

Dear all,

Probably you are expecting to see a complete CV and my entire life history here…

I'm definitely not going to give you this, because it does not matter. It is not important WHO I AM, but rather  


I am a being, incarnated in a human body, and, since always, I have done EVERYTHING within my power, knowledge, competencies, and within my being, to do whatever needs to be done in the present moment to elevate consciousness and help the Earth. 

On the 2nd of August 2020, at 7:22 PM, I have decided to open a big door to the entire world – there, where in the past I have only worked with a very select audience.

Since then, I have started to expand my area of ​​influence through different tools.

On 11/11/2020, at 11:11 AM, I have decided to also launch my website so that all of you – wherever you are – can have access to this new dimension that I am presenting to you.

All that I do is constantly evolving, and so it is important for you to know that what I can offer to the world tomorrow will always be superior to what I have been able to offer to you today.

I keep believing that every human being always has a light, deep inside, that can be nourished, and that can bud and bloom at the surface. But I also know that I must always respect everyone's free will, and that ultimately, it is each individual who will choose their life’s destiny.

It is always a pleasure for me to be connected and to be working with passionate people who are connected with their heart, because together, in this large community, we can make a difference and create a better world.


With all my heart, 💝


🍀  Marc NOËL  🍀

My Vision

I am happy to share my vision with you, because everything that I experience in my perception of reality is completely NORMAL for me. Nevertheless, I notice every day that my vision of Life is VERY DIFFERENT from that of most people.

I have unconditional trust in life, and I really enjoy living life in full power every day.

Life is MAGNIFICENT; Life asks to be lived with all of its opportunities and all of its gifts. Even if at times, life presents us with things that are not always comfortable or that can even be perceived as unpleasant.

I have learned throughout my earthly experience, and yes, I can even say that this includes big physical and psychological traumas, that life still is this beautiful universe to be discovered every day.

I surround myself with people, and I invite them too, to share this vision with me so that they too fall in love with life. And for those who want it, you, dear readers, there is always a place for you too...

It's not about seeing different things, it's about seeing the same things differently.

      Marc NOËL      

What is

Fushigina Choowa?

What does it mean ?

Fushigina Choowa are two Japanese words that mean “mystical harmony”.

The drawing that you see is called “cursive calligraphy”. It is a form of Japanese calligraphy that gives the artist quite a lot of freedom in performing this “Shodo”.

This symbol represents 3 modules that can be found in my philosophy and in my work:

  • Work on the body

  • Psychological work

  • Energy/Spiritual work

Therefore, I chose to create this symbol to represent my company and who I am.

What is the symbolism of the painting on the homepage?

What does it mean ?


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4280 Hannut - BELGIUM

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