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Quantum   Painting

     by Marc NOËL

Quantum painting

is a free and unlimited expressive art that I created some time ago.

The reason why I created this form of painting, is to offer to those who would like it to crystallize                                          a visible "quantum" energy on a canvas : 

  • through a brush

  • paint

  • and a canvas

  • It is a tool that technically is very easy to practice, provided that whoever holds the brush in hand is ready to connect with this "unlimited"...

    After the creation of the Academy of Annick Deltenre, I saw an opportunity to create the quantum painting as a superior and compatible module, to facilitate even better the success of connection of the creator with this quantum vibration.

  • To participate in the quantum painting class, it is recommended to first go through the introductory course given by Annick Deltenre: painting workshop of "my academy of the manifestation".

    Because she will first teach you to come into full consciousness in contact with your canvas, the paint, and your brush. And through these connections, create a painting that will be the first step to make "your connection” visible…

    For those who would be starting to take their first steps in the creation of a quantum painting, they will be able to see, day after day, that this creation will evolve through time and through the development of the creator. 

  • This canvas will be a mirror for you every day because it will show you where you are in your evolution as a human.

    To create a quantum painting, you do not need an academic background in painting. It is even an advantage to not yet have the “academic rigidity” programmed into your brain. .

    Nevertheless, it will require

  • a deep desire

  • and motivation 

  • to get in touch with the “invisible” to make it “visible”.

  • https://jesuismapeinture.be/


    If you want to take part in a quantum painting course,

     I invite you to contact

     Annick Deltenre:

     Cell: +32-474-49 42 39


                         Email:  [email protected]  

    Below is an overview of creations made by participants 

    in the quantum painting courses :

    Here are the different steps depicting the creation of the quantum painting "Zeus" :


    A photo of the quantum painting, completed :

    From the bottom of my heart,

    Marc NOËL